Children of Rwanda

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Fantastic news, it worked! 

This year, Children of Rwanda has been able to send 190 children back to school and has paid for basic health insurance for them and their families – 845 individuals.

What this means: 

Returning to their local schools - by covering the school expenses each child is able to return or continue to attend the schools that they would normally attend if they could afford to do so. 

Basic health insurance- this enables the children and their families to visit health centres, to see doctors, receive treatment and get access to medication.

Understanding how to help:

Our Values: If we are to make a genuine attempt to improve the lives of the children we are trying to help, then it is important that we are helping in the best way. By abiding by the below values, we believe we achieve this.

An approach based on listening: Our approach is based on listening and learning from the communities we are involved with. Our focus and programme have been developed after careful research and involvement from the families, health services and schools in the area.

Avoid promoting dependency: The need for parents to provide for their children is not eliminated but now their efforts can focus on providing nutrition rather than using the little funds they have on education or health insurance that they cannot afford.

Safeguarding Local Markets: We safeguard and contribute to local markets by locally sourcing everything that we provide to the children for their schooling.

Culture: We operate in a way that respects Rwandan culture and traditions, the children return to their local schools and follow the national curriculum over which we yield no influence.

Impact: We seek proof that we are helping in the right way by collecting measurable data on the impact we are having and the implications of our actions, activities and presence.

We never stop questioning the way we help.