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There are hundreds of ways that you can get involved in Children of Rwanda! From running cake sales, to running marathons, no matter if you're a student or a pensioner; we would love you to join the Children of Rwanda community and support the children of Africa's smallest country!

on campus

We are lucky enough to currently have two groups of University students support us, and would love to have more!

Starting a group could see you benefit from: yearly trips to Rwanda, engaging talks on International Development, something unusual and exciting on your CV, and the chance to be part of a network of students creating a real difference!

If you are a student and you would like to start a society, or even to just fundraise for our charity, then please contact us and we will show you how you can get started straight away!

start a campaign

Do you think it is right that so many children in Rwanda miss out on their universal right to an education, or that children and their families can't afford healthcare? We don't, and we need your help to get our voice heard!

It's easy to help us raise awareness! You could start a social media campaign about childrens' rights, video yourself shouting from the rooftops about healthcare, or just follow us on social media and help spread the word!

in your community

There is an African Proverb that says: "A small house will hold a hundred friends,” and we couldn’t agree more. Just a little support from you and your community could change the lives of children in Rwanda. 

There are loads of ways to get your community involved! You could speak to your local school about doing a fundraiser, ask local businesses to make us their charity of the month (or year), or put on a local event to get everyone involved!

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