Children of Rwanda exists to help bring about a world in which the children of Western Rwanda can access and benefit from their universal right to an education.



Due to the expenses of public primary and secondary school in Rwanda, many children in impoverished districts are unable to go to school. The families of these children often face a choice between funding their children through school and acquiring health insurance for their family. In some cases, the families are not able to afford either one.

Primary School
Dropout Rate
Secondary School
Enrollment Rate

School Expenses

We work with local schools to cover the expenses of specific in-need children, allowing them to return to or remain in school.

Primary School


Hygiene Fees


Reparation Fee

School Bag

Secondary School



Hygiene Fees


Exam Fees

ID Card

health insurance

We provide the sponsored children and their families with basic health insurance, giving them access to health centres, doctors and medication. Health insurance costs £2.80 per person per year, and needs to cover the whole family if a single-family member’s insurance is to be valid.

Health Centres



Long-Term Impacts

The children are able to remain in or return to their local schools, while having the right materials to succeed and the knowledge that they will be able to complete their schooling.

Children Who attend School:

Live healthier lives 
Understand nutrition
Improve farming
Have job opportunities
Have healthier children

Girls Who Attend School Tend To:

Marry later in life
Have fewer children
Earn 15-20% more in life for every additional year of secondary schooling

The Link Between Health And Education

Each year of education reduces girls chances of contracting HIV by 7%
200 million school years are lost every year in low-income countries due to poor health

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