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Below you can meet some of the brilliant children on our programme who benefit from your donations and support by receiving access to education, materials needed for school and health insurance.

Celesin and Jean-Paul

Celestin and Jean-Paul, as well as all of their siblings, now attend school all year round, they have the means to learn from their classes, and have access to doctors and medication should they fall sick.
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Faina and her siblings are back in school and they are armed with the right materials to succeed in class. This makes Faina very happy as she wants to study to one day become a doctor!
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Children of Rwanda has ensured that for the first time ever, Clemence and her brothers and sisters can go to school without the worry that their mother will not be able to put them through the next year.
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Children of Rwanda was introduced to Rousse’s family through our connections in their village. We met with the family and will pay for both primary and secondary education for the two oldest children.
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We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children in Rwanda, but that wouldn't matter if the communities we worked in weren't as passionate as we are! Please watch the video below to hear what some of the community members have to say about us.

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